Thank you for visiting Texas Quality Property Services. My name is Kenneth, and I am investor focusing on the Houston area and surrounding counties.

I do not have Realtor representation, so you are welcome to keep the full commission.

I understand that this is a low offer and that some sellers will quickly reject it.
Some sellers may even be offended or get their feelings hurt.
Please know that my goal is not to offend anyone.

My goal is to find a WIN+WIN+WIN opportunity. A WIN for a seller who needs to sell quickly, for whatever reason.
A WIN for the Realtor, who will earn a double commission. And a WIN for me, the investor.

My cash offer is $, AS-IS

If we use my preferred title company, I’ll pay:
• Seller title closing costs
• Title policy

If accepted, please represent me and provide a contract for execution. I will deposit the Earnest Money once the contract is received with all party signatures.